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Children (2-17 y.)
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(1) Private cottage
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(4) Private house
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Additional services 16
Catering paid
Kitchen/kitchenette paid
Excursions paid
Local artisans workshops paid
Hiking and routes
Outdoor barbecue
Special diet menus paid
Parking for persons with disabilities
Bicycle rental paid
Airport transfer paid
Outdoor furniture
Picnic area paid
Conference and banquet hall paid
Rooms for guests with disabilities
Designated smoking area

Cell phone
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Payment methods

Bank payments

Revolut bank (for worldwide payments)

Beneficiary: Trakaitis

IBAN: LT25 3250 0786 7312 0610

Bank: Revolut

Bank address: -

Purpose: Guest first and last name

Alternative payments

Revolut with username

Payment reference: @andriusbot

Purpose: -

Revolut with phone number

Payment reference: +37065234238

Purpose: -