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Children (2-17 y.)
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Additional services 16
Catering paid
Kitchen/kitchenette paid
Excursions paid
Local artisans workshops paid
Hiking and routes
Outdoor barbecue
Special diet menus paid
Parking for persons with disabilities
Bicycle rental paid
Airport transfer paid
Outdoor furniture
Picnic area paid
Conference and banquet hall paid
Rooms for guests with disabilities
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Accommodation offers

Single rooms

Suitable for highly regarded professionals/managers or those who need complete privacy.

€ 20-30 / person

Suitable for people with reduced mobility

Double rooms

Suitable for team / group leaders and highly regarded professionals for maximum guest comfort and convenience.

€ 15-20 / person

Suitable for people with reduced mobility

Quadruple rooms

Suitable when comfort requirements allow professionals to live in small groups of 4, while maintaining all the comforts of modern life.

€ 10-15 / person

Suitable for people with reduced mobility

Rooms for 5+ persons

The most cost-effective option for the company is to accommodate employees/specialists in very spacious rooms (5-10 persons). All rooms are equipped with basic amenities and there are rooms with kitchen/kitchenette.

€ 8-10 / person

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Common features

Close to Vilnius

20 min. drive to Vilnius (E28, A16)

Some rooms have kitchens/kitchenettes

Suitable for people with reduced mobility

Fountain and arbors

Grocery store IKI nearby

Caffee Senkelio Karčiama

In-room El. kettle, plates, cutlery, cups

In-room Wi-Fi and TV


15 km. away from Vilnius (E28, A16)

Common services


Full catering


Groups accommodation

Bus parking

Partial catering

Trakaitis location